A Pond in the North

By Paul Bryers, 2015

There’s something about New York – no, not the city, the State. Get away from the major roadways and all of sudden……………….it is blissful and peaceful. Take North Branch, a small village roughly equidistant between Jeffersonville (not very interesting) and Callicoon on the Delaware River (plenty to do). You can stay at the North Branch Inn – very charming and under new ownership. Close to the village is a private commons, developed from an old 50s hotel’s grounds into well separated plots, each with a charming house. There are also shared areas and facilities – a large swimming pool, tennis courts, woods and a fabulous pond. The pond has abundant permanent residents such as large catfish, frogs, woodchucks, and assorted birds. There are also other wildlife which visit according to season. You can’t go visit the pond, but you can enjoy some of the wildlife from here.


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