I travel a lot for pleasure with my spouse, so I thought why not write about what we experience and share with others. I hope my blog will give you travel ideas, but if you do not want to travel, you are very welcome to live vicariously through me!

I was born in Inverness, Scotland in 1959, left there in 1977 to go to Aberdeen University and then to Newcastle Upon Tyne University in 1981. I have worked in Liverpool, Norwich and London, and was transferred by my company to New Jersey, USA in 1997, and have lived since then in Manhattan, Jersey City, NJ and now Fort Lauderdale, FL. I retired in 2009 and now keep house and organize trips for myself and my partner of 29 years, Christopher.

I have traveled extensively in Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia. Sometimes backpacking, other times with a bit more luxury – more of the latter as I slowly and gracefully age.

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